1. Where can I find a list of products that do and don't contain palm oil?

As palm oil can be found in over half of all supermarket products, creating and maintaining a universal, up-to-date list of which products do and don’t contain palm oil, and whether products that do are linked to deforestation, would prove to be extremely difficult. There is however a resource for consumers based in Australia or New Zealand that allows you to scan product labels and uncover their palm oil status. You can download the Palm Oil Barcode Scanner app for Android or iPhone.

If you live outside of this region, start by checking product labels and contacting companies to determine whether the palm oil they use comes from genuinely sustainable sources. For more information on sustainable palm oil, see ‘Sustainable Palm Oil’ on the What’s the Issue page, or join the 28 Day Palm Oil Challenge on the Take the Challenge page.

2. What other names can palm oil be labeled under?

In many countries, there are no laws for the mandatory labeling of palm oil on products, meaning palm oil can be hidden under more than 200 different names! This can make it very difficult for consumers to determine which products contain palm oil, let alone whether or not that palm oil contributes to deforestation.

It’s important we demand that companies label palm oil, even if it’s not mandatory to do so. Until they do, this downloadable guide contains the most common ingredient names that palm oil can be labeled under, including ‘Vegetable Oil’, ‘Glyceryl’ and ‘Sodium Laurly Sulphate’.

3. Where is the information on SayNotoPalmOil.com sourced from?

All facts and figures used on SayNotoPalmOil.com have been taken from peer reviewed sources to ensure our content represents the latest and most accurate factual information. We are currently working with our web developers to add citations throughout the site. If there is a particular piece of information that you would like to know the source of, please get in touch.

How can I contact SayNotoPalmOil.com?

If you are a high school or university student needing information for a project, we kindly ask that you refer to the 'What's the Issue?' and 'What Can I Do?' pages.

If you have a media enquiry or urgently need to get in contact with our team, please email tking@saynotopalmoil.com with a clear subject line.

If you have a general question that you can't find the answer to on our website, you can email contact@saynotopalmoil.com and we will do our best to respond soon.

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